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The bike is well constructed, with suspension, steel frame meant to carry a 340 pound payload. It is not a motorcycle and not capable of traffic speeds. The small wheel size and frame adequately handled the rough asphalt that the street has to offer. The bike is at home on the quiet neighbourhood streets. Since they are considered bicycles you can take them down cycling paths but consideration to other users of this public trail system is in order.

The lead-acid battery packs on these machines are more than adequate for light daily travel. If you want to drive to Nipigon from Thunder Bay be prepared to get run over on the highway, and pedal the last few miles.

Mac Gamble is already stocking parts and pieces needed to service these machines. There is not much that can go wrong with an e-bike, but battery packs should be changed out by the dealer. If there is enough power in the batteries to move you 70 kilometers, there is enough power there to cause harm if something goes wrong. The average user can expect the batteries to last about 2-3 years and a change costs $375. And that represents the cost of operation for a 2-3 year period.

Must be 16 years of age
Must wear a bicycle helmet

No modifications to the motor to allow it to exceed a power output greater than 500W and a speed greater than 32 km/h.

Range up to 80 km
Top speed 32 Km per hour

No operator's license required*
No registration required
No insurance required
Compliant with US and Canadian Federal Regulations
Low Sticker Price
Low Maintenance
Extremely Low Energy Consumption
Zero Pollution-Zero Emissions
Fun to own-Fun to ride



E-Bike Regulations