Ecolo - Cycle


ET-4-RW Ecolo Cycle 


4 wheels scooter very powerful and efficient engine with 48V, 500/800W, rear wheel drive with differential connected with the rear wheels.

Sealed batteries 20AM / h, 4x12V, maintenance free operational life of three years or 300 refills.

- Weight 6.5kg x 4 batteries
- Total weight 90kg including batteries
- Size 680mm x 1480mm x 1200mm
- Turning radius 1200mm
- Minimum clearance of 110mm road
- Range 70-80km
- Max 5-20km
- Charger 48V 3AMP (intelligent three-level)
- Charging time 6-8hrs
- Ability to climb 25 °
- Tires 16 ˝ x 2.5 ˝ Rear and 14 ˝ front
- Drum brakes plus assisted engine breaking system

This scooter is a toggle switch for forward or backward.

- Backlight LED energy saving
- Cup circuit with brake lever
- Load capacity 150kg
- Color: Red, Blue


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