GoGreen Trike

Electric Tricycle GR250

Dragon GR250

s model provides economical transportation for getting around the city or country side and you can bring home your groceries too... It is ideal as a short distance work vehicle for hauling tools or equipment around or assisting with landscaping.

Quick Details

Wattage: 500w
Wheel Size: 16“
Frame Material: Steel
Range per Power: 31 - 60 km
Model Number: GR250
Motor: Brushless
Frame Material: Steel
Range per Power: > 31 km


500 motor side, 12 tube controller,16*2.5 tires,luxury three-in-one switch,variable speed function

1.Outline dimension:2160*820*1110MM                      

2.Net weight(without battery):75kg                             

3.Max carry capacity: 250kg                               

4.Max trip distance: 40--60km                                 

5.Max speed: 32km/h                                  

6.Motor powder: 500w  hub motor 

7.Controller: 12 tube controller                           

8.Climbing gradient: 20%                                   

9.Brake system: drum type                                  

10.vibration damper: Bold hydraulic                               

11.Battery: 20AH   battery

12.Wheelbase: 1630mm rear wheel trade: 700mm   


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Must be 16 years of age
Must wear a bicycle Helmet

No modifications to the motor to allow it to exceed a power output greater than 500W and a speed greater than 32 km/h.

Range up to 80 km
Top speed 32 Km per hour

No operator's license required*
No registration required
No insurance required
Compliant with US and Canadian Federal Regulations
Low Sticker Price
Low Maintenance
Extremely Low Energy Consumption
Zero Pollution-Zero Emissions
Fun to own-Fun to ride



E-Bike Regulations