GIO Zetta 500w+ Electric Scooter


GIO Zetta 500w+ Electric Scooter

GIO Zetta 

Be a smart and stylish commuter with this reliable, eco-friendly GIO Zetta 500w+ electric scooter. Powerful and easy to handle, the GIO Zetta is loaded with great features. You'll love the smooth acceleration, cruise control, and comfortable ride. Go farther with each battery charge-up with the energy-saving DA technology. Best of all, enjoy stress-free ownership with the 1-year, bumper to bumper warranty.

Here's why you'll love our GIO Scooters:

    Smooth acceleration - GIO scooters are famous for their smooth, non-jerky power distribution. With a slight twist of the throttle it will gain speed smoothly and gently, just the way it should.
    Adequate legal power - Whether you live in the downtown core or on the top of the mountain, your GIO scooter will get you there in a jiffy.
    Reliable technology - Refined over the last 5 years, we found the sweet spot for optimal travel distance, performance and quality.
    Easy maintenance - All vital GIO components are placed strategically in order to access them when needed i.e. easy access, removable battery, controller, and motor.
    Great features - Cruise control, anti-theft alarm system, EABS, digital gauges.
    Standard options - Non removable mats, folding pedals, chain derailer mechanism.
    Unique colors - Matte black, Red, Orange
    Warranty - 2013 models come with stress free, 1 year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Features and Benefits at Glance:

    Powerful and street-legal 500w+ Motor - Comes with two Speed options: low/high (22km/h and 32km/h). Super smooth acceleration.
    25AH Controller with DA Technology - DA helps to conserve energy giving longer travel distance and more power going up the hill.
    Upgraded Smart Charger - 5th generation GIO designed charger with repair function.
    Upgraded seat - Much more comfortable, wider seating compared to the previous model.
    Front and back motorcycle suspension - Back shocks are adjustable. Front shocks are hydraulic.
    Low maintenance front and back drum brakes - Brakes generate smooth stopping power.
    Chain derailer mechanism - Prevents chain from going off resulting in a safer ride.
    Cruise Control - Hold throttle to the maximum for about 10 seconds for cruise control to engage.
    Digital LCD gauges - Showing all the vital metrics such as speed, amp meter, distance traveled, total kilometers traveled.
    Amazing Flat Black, Red and Orange color schemes - Totally unique color combination. Flat black, Orange.
    Security alarm - comes standard on all GIO scooters. Once shut off, press honk button and hold for 7 seconds for alarm to engage.
    New and improved pedaling mechanism - Pedal cranks are narrower than on other models.
    Foldable pedals - Comes standard on 2013 MG 500w+
    Available only through Authorized GIO dealers!

Note: When buying your GIO watch for an Authorized GIO dealer certificate which is displayed at all Authorized dealerships, and be weary of those who doesn't have it. It is not just any certificate but rather stamp of approval that you are buying product from source which can be trusted for years to come.

    Motor: 500w+
    Battery: 48V20AH Lead Acid
    Controller: 25AH with DA Technology
    Travel Distance: 45-60km*
    Top Speed: 32km/h (Maximum allowed legally)
    Wheels/tires: F 16x3.0 / R 16x3.0
    Front brakes: Drum
    Back brakes: Drum with the lock
    EABS: Yes
    Plastic: ABS high quality with new paint technology
    Display: LCD Digital
    Color of all seats: Solid black, high comfort
    Speeds: Two speeds Low and High
    Cruise Control : Yes
    Front Shocks: hydraulic front motorcycle shocks
    Back Shocks: Dual spring shocks, adjustable, three positions
    Security Alarm: Yes
    Colors: Solid flat black, Solid Orange, Solid Red
    Foldable pedals: Included 

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