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 Ontario Regulations  Please ride safely and remember that ebikes must follow all rules of the road just like an ordinary bicycle.
Where to ride an e-bike

You can ride your e-bike on most roads and highways where conventional bikes are permitted, with some exceptions.

You can't ride your e-bike:

•on certain provincial controlled access highways, such as the 400 series, the Queen Elizabeth Way, the Queensway in Ottawa or the Kitchener-Waterloo Expressway, ThunderBay Expressway and the Harbour Expressway.

•on municipal roads, including sidewalks, where bicycles are banned under municipal by-laws
•on municipal roads, sidewalks, bike paths, bike trails or bike lanes where e-bikes are prohibited

If you are considering purchasing an ebike please read thi
s link to ensure that your will be a safe Ebiike rider


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Quick Facts Power Assist and E-Bikes

Must be 16 years of age
Must wear a bicycle helmet

No modifications to the motor to allow it to exceed a power output greater than 500W and a speed greater than 32 km/h.

Range up to 80 km
Top speed 32 km per hour

No operator's license required
No registration required 
No insurance required
Compliant with US and Canadian Federal Regulations 
Low Sticker Price 
Low Maintenance 
Extremely Low Energy Consumption 
Zero Pollution-Zero Emissions 

Fun to own-Fun to ride 

Ontario Government
E-Bike Regulations